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Located in Kazan the third capital in Russia with 1 000 year history, where will be held the Universiade, Center of Advanced Economic Research in the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan specializes at the field of private- state consulting in the Russian Federation. Established in 2004, CAER conducts both professional research and public education. The professional research is oriented towards filling important gaps in the understanding of particular economic and social problems, or the impact of specific policies. The public education portion of CAER's mission is to present the findings of professional research, both by CAER and others, in a manner that allows broad segments of the public to know exactly what is at stake in major branches of our life. The Center provides policy advice to the Government and conducts research for other development institutions on a broad range of socio-economic development issues. The Center contributes to the national capacity building and raising public awareness on key issues of development and reforms. Over the years of its activity CAER has become the leading think tank in Tatarstan and accumulated considerable and, to certain extent, unique capacities in the field of socio-economic policy advising.

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